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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
The six Management Objectives consist of policies by which the Council endeavours to carry out its part of the task to achieve the aim of the Strategy. The policies provide a framework for decision making, aid the targeting of resources, give uniformity of purpose across the Council and can help other sections of the community to understand Council decisions on tree issues.
The Management Objectives Are:
  1. Perpetuate the Existing Trees as long as Practicable or Desirable in Accordance with Sound Arboricultural and Forestry Practices
  2. Create a Diverse Population of Trees of Mixed Age and Species
  3. Maintain the Character and Appearance of the Borough
  4. Adopt Planned Management and Maintenance of Trees and Woodland
  5. Promote the Concepts of Arboriculture and the Urban Forest and Ensure that these Issues are Addressed Within and Outside the Council
  6. Maintain and, where Necessary, Improve Established Arboricultural and Forestry Practices