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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
The Council will aim to bring into maintenance and continue to maintain, mass planted areas on Council owned land in accordance with correct forestry and arboricultural practices.
Mass planted areas, planted up to 20 years ago, require maintenance after establishment. To ensure that these areas reach maturity they require thinning, coppicing or selective felling. Although initially such work may appear harsh it is vital to ensure that the remaining trees and shrubs develop correctly. Such areas are important for wildlife and the work will not be carried out at sensitive times of the year except in emergencies.
The mass planted areas in the Borough are to be surveyed and year-by-year brought into active management to ensure their continuance. This work will include thinning, selective felling, coppicing and planting to produce species rich single or double canopy wooded areas as appropriate. Native species will be given positive selection to increase the conservation value of the areas and no work will be carried out during the bird-breeding season except in emergencies.