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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Objective Three Maintain the Character and Appearance of the Borough

The Borough of Dudley is made up of distinct areas, each with their own character. This is produced by a combination of road layout, building design, the relationship of open space to built-up areas and the age and mixture of tree species in streets, gardens and parks.

The older residential parts of the Borough and the major parks are characterised by popular turn-of-the-century species such as London Plane, Lime, Horse Chestnut and Poplar. More recent plantings have made use of exotics and ornamentals such as flowering apple, Rowans and White Beams. The most modern schemes make use of mass block plantings, using all the choices of the past, new varieties constantly being introduced and our own native species in informal open spaces as well as roadsides and parks. Throughout this time the Ornamental Cherries and Plums have been popular with the “Firs” and “Cypresses” (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana x Cupressocyparis leylandii and Thuja plicata) often being planted as single trees or hedges in gardens.

In order to maintain the characteristics of distinct areas of the Borough and to help maintain unity within each area the correct choice of replacement and new trees and tree management options is important. The maintenance of tree cover helps to make localities more attractive, increasing property values and making living and working in the Borough more pleasurable. Many people judge areas by their first impressions, therefore, it is important that visitors using major roads or railways through the Borough are given pleasant vistas. This in turn can encourage tourism and relocation of businesses as Dudley Borough becomes known as a pleasant place to work and visit. In addition local residents will benefit from the greening of their routes to work and recreation sites too.

Transport corridors and links throughout the Borough therefore deserve special attention.

Our parks and open spaces are distinguished by the period in which they were designed and planted. It is important that as the use of the parks changes to reflect current needs that the trees within them are maintained and selected to help keep the individual character of our parks.