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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
The Council will encourage the improvement of landscaping on individual privately owned sites and derelict land by tree and shrub planting by landowners.
To maintain the character of the Borough and enhance the working environment especially where commercial or industrial areas are close to residential areas in accordance with Policy UR8 in the deposit version of the Unitary Development Plan.
The Council will continue to support the aims and work of the National Urban Forestry Unit in its work planting on derelict land and improving industrial and commercial sites. The Council will continue to impose landscaping conditions as part of Planning Consents as appropriate in accordance with the “Planning and Control Information Systems – Standard Conditions and Reasons” March 1994.
The Arboricultural Section will work with the Dudley Countryside Management Project to further the aims of the Dudley Countryside Strategy regarding the reclamation and improvement of derelict land by providing advice on suitable tree and shrub species for various sites and their management.