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The planting of new or replacement trees underlies much of the Tree Strategy as it is an important task throughout the Borough because the trees selected will shape the landscape of the Borough in the future. Care needs to be given when selecting sites and species that problems are not being made for the future. Overhead cables, street lights, signs, road visibility and underground services all put constraints upon the choice and siting of trees. In some cases planting cannot be carried out due to these problems, however suitable the site may otherwise be; in others the replanting of sites after felling cannot be carried out as the presence of underground services may prevent the removal of old stumps. Residents can therefore play a vital role in greening their gardens where there are fewer constraints and less likelihood of vandalism.
The Council will endeavour to respond positively to requests for tree planting on public land from residents. This will be subject to site and species constraints and the views of other local residents where appropriate. We will aim to replace any young tree planted on Council land (except woodland and mass planted areas), which is killed by vandalism.
The people best able to suggest sites for new tree planting may be residents who have detailed local knowledge. Occasional losses of trees due to adverse weather or poor site conditions are bound to occur. However, deliberate vandalism is unsightly and needs to be discouraged by removing the damaged tree and replacing it, unless repeated vandalism demonstrates that a new tree will not be allowed to become established at that location.
The Council will endeavour to plant trees on the proposed site. Where the site has not had trees planted on it before, we will consult other residents if this is appropriate. We will remove and replace any Council owned tree killed by vandalism up to three times in five years.