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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Task 5 Trees in Parks and Open Spaces

The Borough has a network of formal parks and informal open spaces for leisure and recreational activities, and most of them contain trees. Some parks have been in existence for a long time and need restoration or have trees which will soon need replacing. Other parks and open spaces could benefit from new tree planting. As the Borough is an urban area trees in parks and open spaces are important as they:
  • Help to create pleasant surroundings.
  • Are attractive throughout the seasons.
  • Encourage wildlife.
  • Provide shade for parks users in the summer.
  • Are often the largest trees in a neighbourhood.
  • May have historic or commemorative value.
  • Can be used as an educational resource.
  • Can create an informal area for play.
  • Maintain the existing tree cover in parks and open spaces.
  • Plan for the replacement of old trees with new tree planting.
  • Increase tree cover with new tree planting where appropriate.
  • Ensure that trees are considered when management plans are provided to reflect changes of use of the parks.
Management Objectives
Relates policies number 1-10, 12-20, 23, 25-31, 37, 38.