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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
In addition to trees in parks and gardens the Borough has an extensive network of statutory and non-statutory local and national nature reserves and sites, which are important for wildlife and nature conservation. Some of these areas are woodland in which trees are obviously a main part of the management. In heathland, marshland and rich grassland, however, specially designated areas are managed individually to suit their unique requirements. Locally, wildlife can be encouraged into built up areas by tree planting and tree care to provide a variety of habitats, nest sites and feeding areas, such as:
  • Standing dead wood.
  • Hollow and ancient trees.
  • Ivy covered trees.
  • Berries and nuts.
  • Roosting sites for bats and birds.
  • Coppiced areas for wild flowers in woodlands.
  • Invertebrate habitats in dead wood.
  • To increase the range of woodland habitats within the Borough.
  • To care for trees without damage to other habitats.
  • To encourage community participation in habitat creation and management.
Management Objectives
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