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Task 8 The Contribution of Trees to Local Agenda 21

The care of the environment has become an important issue both at the global and local level. Agenda 21 is a global action plan for the 21st Century, which was drawn up by over 170 nations at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 to tackle global environmental and social problems. Although many issues need to be addressed nationally and internationally, it is recognised that overall success will depend upon action taken at the local level.
The main emphasis of Local Agenda 21 is the need for local communities to work in partnership towards a more sustainable environment and improved quality of life. Many of the objectives and aims of Dudley Borough’s Local Agenda 21 programme, given in its strategy “Living for Tomorrow” are in sympathy with those found in the Tree Strategy. These may be broadly summarised as:
  • Providing for the future.
  • Improving the quality of life.
  • Environmental protection.
In addition, further action can be taken specifically to help meet the aims of the Local Agenda 21 programme.
  • The Council’s tree work activities to work towards the aims of the Local Agenda 21 programme.
  • To encourage other parties in their work towards the aims of the Local Agenda 21 programme using trees and related activities.
Management Objectives
All the management policies within the Tree Strategy further the aims and objectives of the Local Agenda 21 programme.