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Task 9 The Role of Trees in Education and Information

The protection and enhancement of the tree stock of the Borough cannot be successfully carried out without relevant and accessible information for everyone who cares about trees. Various parts of our community may need information on:
  • Tree health and safety.
  • Protected trees.
  • How to get tree surgery carried out.
  • Who to report problems to.
  • How to get involved in or set up community projects.
  • What grant aid is available.
  • Suitable tree species for planting.
In schools trees can be used to further various parts of the national curriculum in addition to raising environmental awareness. Trees as part of landscaping can also improve the quality and diversity of the school environment.
  • Provide easy access to relevant information and advice.
  • Improve the quality of the school environment regarding trees.
  • Encourage the use of trees in education.
Management Objectives
Relevant policies number 2, 6, 12-18, 29, 31-36, 39, 40.