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Marine/waterway services

The council have no direct provision of marine/waterway services.

The Canals of Dudley

The Black Country canals include a fascinating network of junctions and branches. Dudley Borough has 3 main canals (Dudley No 1, Dudley No 2 and Stourbridge) with a number of smaller arms and extensions (Stourbridge Arm, Lapal Canal, Fens Branch).

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Boat Moorings

Moorings on the waterways fall into different categories:

  • Marinas
  • British Waterways moorings
  • Bottom of garden moorings.
  • Club Moorings.

There's a very wide choice of moorings available throughout the British Waterways network.

For short and overnight stops, there are very few restrictions - you may tie up in open countryside, or choose one of the increasing number of designated visitor mooring sites.

For people owning their own boat, finding a permanent mooring is very important. Unless you're planning to cruise continuously around the waterways, there's a legal requirement for you to have a place where you can keep the boat while you're not using it for cruising.

PH Control Exercised

The criminal offence of water pollution is defined as the entry of poisonous, noxious or polluting matter. This covers most inland and coastal waters (including groundwaters). The law has therefore clearly established the principle that such entry should be the exception and, where it is necessary, must be controlled.

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The Use and Mooring of Houseboats

Advice and regulation concerning the use and mooring of houseboats that are located in waters maintained by the local authority.

The Local authority does not maintain any water for the use and mooring of houseboats.

The Canal & River Trust can offer advice about houseboats and their moorings on Dudley's waterways.

Council Tax is a locally set tax that is payable on all domestic properties. It applies to houseboats, whether owned or rented.

Boat Licences and Registrations

Dudley council does not licence Pleasure boats.

For information on boat licences and registrations please visit the Waterscape website.