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If a dog barks continuously throughout the day or night it can be considered to be causing a noise nuisance. Excessive noise from barking dogs can be frustrating and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and worry. In many cases, the person who owns the dog(s) is unaware that they are causing a problem and therefore the problem can be sorted out quite quickly.

Before you approach the person or company responsible it is important to think about your personal safety. If you feel threatened by those responsible for the noise, or if you are worried that they may become aggressive, then approaching them may not be the best option for you.

What action can the council take?

Where this approach fails the council will investigate noise from barking dogs. We will also write to the dog owner advising them we have received a complaint about dog noise in the hope that this may resolve the barking nuisance.

If the noise persists we can serve a notice on the offending party requiring them to abate the nuisance. If such a notice is not complied with then legal action can follow.

How to complain about a barking dog

If your approach is unsuccessful, or you do not feel it is appropriate, then you can make a complaint to the Council.

Abatement and Penalty Notices

If the barking persists after an abatement Notice has been served the dog owner may be referred for prosecution at a Magistrates' Court.

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