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General fire safety hints and tips

  • Allow us access to your property to service/check your gas and electrical appliances
  • Report any faulty wiring (inc sockets and switches) to the Repairs Management Centre (0300 555 8283)
  • Report any communal area repairs (including damage to communal doors and windows) to the Repairs Management Centre (0300 555 8283)
  • f there is a fire within a block - do not use the lifts
  • Keep keys in a handy place where everyone living in your property knows where to find them
  • Regularly make sure your smoke alarm is working, and once a year vacuum and wipe the smoke alarm casing to ensure dust is not blocking the sensor
  • In the event of smoke, you should remain low to avoid breathing it in
  • Never smoke in bed and take care of lighted cigarettes around flammable materials and furniture. Always make sure they are not burning or smouldering when you leave them
  • Unused electrical items should be switched off and unplugged - this can save you money as well as protect you
  • Keep doors closed, especially fire doors, to help stop/slow the spread of fire
  • Take care using heating appliances, in particularly portable heaters
  • Chip pan fires - never throw water onto the fire. Switch off the source of the heat if possible (posing no threat of harm) and call 999
  • Never leave candles unattended
  • Do not let off fireworks from balconies
  • Do not use BBQs on balconies
  • Do not leave combustible items unattended on a cooker (eg chip pan fires)
  • Do not install anything which could prove to be a trip hazard within communal areas