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The fire policy - key points

Here are just a few of the key points about the fire policy:

Our responsibility

  • We will carry out safety inspections/risk assessments within our blocks
  • We will identify residents who are storing belongings within the communal/shared areas and ask them to arrange for their removal within 14days. A follow up check will be made
  • Enforcement action may be taken against residents who infringe tenancy conditions relating to fire safety
  • Continued development of the fire champions group, made up of tenants, council and fire officers and the implementation of recommendations made by the group


Your responsibility

  • Personal belongings are not to be kept within communal/shared areas including corridors, landings, stairs and stairwells
  • External door entrances are to be kept clear of obstacles
  • Allow us access to your property to service/check gas and electrical systems/appliances.¬† By law you should allow us access to service your gas appliances on a yearly basis
  • You will be responsible for the payment of costs associated with the storage of items of high value removed from communal areas
  • Please notify us of any work you have had done at your property, so we can check your contactor has not compromised any fire safety measures
  • You must not remove internal doors within your flat