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Letting, rehousing and bidding

Will housing services still be letting properties in the blocks?

No, we have ceased letting the empty properties to potential residents.

Have I got to apply to move?

Yes. We are offering the opportunity to a visit by a housing officer to everyone who has to move. During this visit we will discuss your housing options and your needs.

You will be able to view and bid for properties online via the normal Dudley At Home system. If you do not have internet access or are worried about the process we are setting up drop-in sessions to give support to people who need help.

You can get free internet access at local libraries, Dudley Council Plus and the Archives (next to the Black Country Living Museum, Tipton Road). Please remember to log out to protect your information when you have finished as these are public access computers.

Who is going to have priority if you receive a number of bids on the same property?

We are proposing to give priority to tenants who have held their tenancies the longest, but if the property has special adaptations then people who need those adaptations will be considered first.

I want to remain in Netherton - can I?

This will depend on how many tenants want to remain in Netherton and how many vacant properties we have. There is no guarantee that replacement properties will be located in the Netherton area, although they will be within the Dudley borough. Some residents may see this as an opportunity to relocate closer to work or family.

We are proposing to give tenants in the clearance programme preference over other applicants for any vacancies in the Netherton area. If two people want the same property and it is suitable for both of them it will be offered to the one who has been a Netherton High Rise tenant the longest.