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As fuel bills continue to rise we all need to focus on making sure we are not wasting money on our home energy. As a council we are committed to helping our residents reduce their fuel bills and keep warm and well. During the current coronavirus pandemic, we are all spending most of our time at home and therefore using much more home energy. Our gas and electricity bills will all be higher as a result. We recognise that we need to support people to make sure they are with the right supplier and on the right tariff for their home and circumstances. Our council Dudley Energy Advice Line can help in lots of ways. Our expert telephone helpline advisors will support people to: get switched to the cheapest supplier, support with fuel debts, grants and payment plans and help with energy grants and discounts.

Our Dudley Energy Advice Line will help you save money on your bills, as well as being more energy efficient at home.  Making your home more energy efficient will reduce your annual fuel bills. In addition, by using less energy you will automatically produce less carbon, which is good for the environment. Follow these 3 simple steps to start saving:

  • Replace your energy wasting appliances in your home (heating, lighting, kettle etc.) with energy efficient alternatives.
  • Insulate your home with loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and draught proofing.
  • It is also vital to consider how much you are paying to heat your home. We can compare your tariff with other provider's to get the best price. Contact Dudley Energy Advice Line on 01384 817086 for help and advice with switching to the best supplier and tariff.

The link between ill health and fuel poverty has been clearly established. A cold indoor environment increases the incidence of ill health. We are committed to helping our residents achieve affordable warmth by highlighting grants and discount schemes and offering advice on energy efficiency. See below for advice on these schemes.

Dudley's Big Switch- Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Dudley’s Big Switch is a collective energy switching scheme designed to bring communities together to secure discounted tariffs from energy providers.

Winter Warmth Support Scheme

The Winter Warmth Support Scheme The scheme aims to help keep vulnerable people warm and well during the winter. Anyone concerned about getting cold themselves, or worried about a friend, relative or neighbour can call and request assistance.

Grants and discount schemes

There are a number of grants and discount schemes available to homeowners, private tenants and private landlords which can help to make homes more energy efficient. These include helping with such things as new boilers, cavity wall and loft insulation, and draught proofing the home.

For free impartial advice on energy saving and what could be available to you contact Dudley’s Energy Advice Line  on 01384 817086.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy comes from naturally available sources, such as the sun, wind, water and plants. By exploiting renewable energy few, if any harmful emissions are produced and the rate at which the world limited energy sources are used is reduced.

We can all make a real difference by considering installing solar water heating, solar electricity or even a mini wind turbine. Alternatively, choose a green electricity tariff. The Energy Saving Trust has lots of information and advice on renewable energy sources on its website.

The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) Regulations in England and Wales

With the introduction of The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) Regulations in 2014, after 2016, private landlords will not be able to unreasonably refuse requests from tenants for energy efficiency improvements where financial support is available from national and local schemes.

From April 2018 it will be unlawful to grant a tenancy of a private property with an EPC rating of below E unless an exemption applies. Landlords will only be able to rely on an exemption if they have registered it on the PRS Exemptions Register. The Exemptions Register will not be available for landlords to register until 1st October 2017.

Energy Company Obligation and LA Flexible Eligibility

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is an obligation on energy suppliers to support households to cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by installing energy saving measures. It is aimed at households who are living in fuel poverty, on a low income and vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home.

Part of ECO allows Councils to set their own criteria to determine which households are supported.  This is known as LA Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex) and allows residents to be offered measures who wouldn’t usually be entitled to grant funding.  Funding is only available to private tenure households (i.e. private rented sector and owner occupiers. Social and local authority housing is excluded from flexible eligibility).   Dudley Council’s eligibility criteria is set out within the Statement of Intent.

Residents can find more information on the LA Flex Guidance for Residents.

Contractors and installers prior to working in the Dudley borough must inform the Council and read the LA Flex Guidance for Contractors.