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Private Sector Housing – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the common issues we get questions about

My neighbour, a private rented tenant, is running an illegal dog breeding business

If your neighbour is breeding and selling dogs they may require a licence. A licence is also required for persons who breed five litters or more in a 12 month period regardless of whether they are in the business of breeding and selling dogs. If you have concerns about poor animal welfare or conditions in a commercial business within the Borough you can report the matter to Environmental Safety & Health 0300 555 2345 or to the RSPCA. 

More information about dog breeding establishment

My neighbour, a private rented tenant, is running an illegal car repair business

If your neighbour is running a car repair business this can be reported to Planning Enforcement for them to investigate a potential breach of planning regulations. 

Reporting breaches of planning


Report noise from a domestic property 0300 555 2345

Further information about reporting noise

Further information about reporting antisocial behaviour

My neighbour, who is a private rented tenant, has a shed and/or outbuildings that obstruct my view

It will depend on the size of the shed / outbuilding and advice should be sought from Planning Enforcement for them to potentially investigate a breach of planning regulations.

Further information on reporting breaches of planning control


The fence between us and my neighbour’s property is broken / blown down. My neighbour is responsible for its repair but won’t

If you have spoken to your neighbour and they have refused, you could consider obtaining legal advice. It is unlikely that the council would get involved in a dispute between two private households. If the house is privately rented the landlord’s tenants are technically responsible for repairing the fence. If the fence borders public open space through which people can enter your garden then this may constitute a risk of entry by intruders and concerns should be referred to Private Sector Housing (Enforcement) at housing.enforcement@dudley.gov.uk

The land adjacent to my property is overgrown

Complaints regarding land which is overgrown or untidy this can be reported to Planning Enforcement for them to investigate whether the land is in an unreasonably untidy condition and whether – in the council’s consideration – it has an adverse affect on the amenity of the area. If it meets these criteria the council can serve an untidy land notice on the owner of any land or building. The notice will specify what needs to be done to correct the situation.

More information about how planning enforcement can help.


If the property is a residential property and also empty please report the empty property to housing.enforcement@dudley.gov.uk

There is rubbish in my neighbour’s garden

If there are accumulations of rubbish in the neighbour’s garden then this should be reported to waste enforcement. The enforcement section can deal with complaints concerning accumulations of refuse within the boundary of residential premises where there is a public health nuisance. This is likely to occur where waste (such as domestic food waste) is present and which is likely to cause nuisance through odour or flies or will attract vermin due to the presence of the waste.

Report accumulations of waste 

There are rats in my neighbour’s overgrown garden

If there are rats in the neighbour’s overgrown garden then this should be reported to pest control. The council provide a range of pest control services and they also offer advice and guidance on most pest problems.

More information about pest control 

My neighbour has a caravan parked in their front garden

If the caravan is on a residential driveway or within the curtilage of domestic properties as long as they are incidental to the enjoyment of the property then the council will not investigate further. If it is suspected that the caravan is being regularly used for residential purposes this can be reported to Private Sector Housing Enforcement at housing.enforcement@dudley.gov.uk