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Instructions for enclosed light fittings

It's the responsibility of tenants in most instances to replace bulbs/lamps within your property (not communal areas). These include:

  • Light bulbs (including fluorescent strip lights)

  • Security lights

  • Enclosed fittings including bathroom lighting

The only exception is that we will undertake the work for elderly and disabled residents for bathroom and security lights.

The documents below provide instructions about how to remove the casings to reach the bulb.

  • With the Leopard model where there are no screws visible - simply use a coin within the slot and twist it gently until the casing comes away

  • With the Thorn model remove the screws with a screw driver to gain access

The lights are a 16w 2d bulb which can be changed by holding onto the base of the fitting and simply pulling the bulb out. These bulbs are currently (January 2013) available from Edmondson's, Wickes, Wilkinsons and B&Q and cost approximately £8 each.