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Energy bills rebate

Applications are still open for the discretionary energy support fund.

If you have not received your £150 Energy rebate payment contact us urgently at

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Fire safety in high and low rise flats

As a landlord we have a duty of care to residents, their visitors and our employees, within our properties. It is a requirement by law that we ensure the risk of fire and smoke is minimised within our properties and this is enforced by the fire service. The council has the right to take action against any tenants and leaseholders who infringe the fire policy. Residents who do not follow this policy are breaking tenancy or lease conditions but more importantly will be putting themselves and other residents at risk.

Fire safety policy

We recognise that being and feeling safe in your home is most important to how you feel about where you live. Fire represents a risk to resident’s safety and this policy aims to minimise the likelihood of fire occurring in our flatted estates, and the consequences for individuals where it does occur.

In drafting this policy we have been mindful about the way we manage our flatted estates and in particular any shared areas and how they impact on how residents feel about the place they live. This policy attempts to strike a balance between mitigating the risks of fire whilst also providing common and shared areas in our flatted estates that meet residents needs.

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