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Travel Support Allowance

We believe that many parents and children & young people who are entitled to free school travel support may prefer, particularly if helped financially, to make their own arrangements to get their child to school. We understand that the cost and other factors, such as other commitments to other children, prevent you from making your own travel arrangements. However, we also know that some children find using our taxis/minibuses embarrassing as it makes them stand out from other children. We also know it can significantly increase the time spent travelling, which cannot be good for your child or your family time.

Each Travel Support Allowance is tailored to meet the individual family circumstances, and all have been welcomed by the children and families concerned.

How it works

Where it has been identified that a Travel Support Allowance may be beneficial to the parent or child a member of the Travel and Transport Team will discuss with a parent what, if any, barriers there are that prevent the parent getting their child to school independently, including the cost of the journey. Consideration is then given to what support Children’s Services can offer to remove these barriers.

An example may be covering the cost of a breakfast and/or after school club for a sibling who attends a different school and also needs taking there by the parent, but we understand that each set of family circumstances are different and consider every family situation as unique.

Where a Travel Support Allowance appears to be of benefit to the family an agreement on a Travel Support Allowance is sought, and if reached then payments are made. These are made monthly in advance and there is no requirement to submit invoices or other evidence. The only condition is that a child must maintain satisfactory attendance at school for payment to be made. This is regularly monitored by the team in collaboration with the school and the parent.