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Dudley Youth Council:  aged 11-19 (up to 25 for people with a disability) looking to represent young people's views in Dudley?

  • The Council for Disabled Children have produced a short animation about 'What is an Education, Health and Care Plan' 
  • A video produced by Department for Education regarding the law around special educational needs and disability - from a child/young persons viewpoint 
Preparing for Adulthood

All the following information has been sourced from The Preparing for Adulthood programme (PfA) website which is delivered by the National Development Team for inclusion NDTi, part of Delivering Better Outcomes Together.  Working in partnership with Mott Macdonald, Council for Disabled Children and NDTi.  The Preparing for Adulthood programme is funded by the Department for Education as part of the Delivering Better Outcomes Together consortium.  Preparing for Adulthood Contact Details: Email:  info@preparingforadulthood.org.uk  Phone:  01225 789135

Education, Health & Care Planning
Good Health
Partnership and Joint Commissioning
Young People and Family Participation
PfA Self-evaluation Tool