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How to apply for a child performance licence

It is the responsibility of the performance producer, director etc, to apply for a child's licence.

The application form comes in two parts. Once you have completed all necessary performance details in Part 1 of the form you must then send it to the parent or carer to complete and sign Part 2 (please note at the end of Part 2 there is another section for the applicant to sign).

The application should be made at least 21 days before the first day of performance.

Alternatively applicants can now apply for a child performance licence via our online registration system.

Other information you need to supply
The completed application form should be returned with the following:

(a) A copy of the child’s birth certificate (scanned copies are acceptable – please do not send original hard copies)

(b) One identical print (un-mounted) of a photograph of the child taken during the last 6 months or an electronic likeness (e.g. a jpeg file)

(c) A copy of the contract, draft contract or other documents (where they exist) containing details of the agreement regulating the child’s participation in the performance or activity to which this application relates.

(d) a letter from the child’s Head Teacher (if required), which states that the child can be absent from school to take part in the performance (or the Head Teacher can complete the form below).

Child Modelling

The licence applicant is the person responsible for the organisation of the sporting event or the person who proposes to engage the child as a model

If a child is involved in modelling and is likely to be employed at short notice then a parent should complete Part 2 and the Agent/Applicant must send it to the Child Employment Officer, along with all the additional documents listed above.

This initial application will be kept for six months from the date of receipt. If a child is employed during these six months then the Applicant must supply the information required in Part 1 of the application form for each assignment and sign the applicants section on Part 2. Upon receipt of this information an individual licence will be issued for each individual job. At least 5 days notice is required.