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Concerned it's your call?

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and the Education Investigation Service operate a community preventative service where residents can report any concerns about children who are out of school during term time, or concerns about children working.

Our goal is to provide community members with a means to help to keep communities safe and return students to their schools or access education and resolve any underlying issues hindering their ability to attend classes, graduate, and go on to college and productive careers. Absence from school can lead to difficulties in communities and this approach will help to reduce crime and anti social behaviour.

Children who work part time have to be licensed, they cannot start work before 0700 hours or work after 1900 hours, more details available on our Child Employment Page. But if you have concerns please let us know it may help us to prevent the exploitation of young people.

"We know that the earlier we are able to intervene with our students and put them on the right track, the more successful they will be in school and their future careers, which benefits our entire community."

We understand that if we are to be truly effective, we need to work with schools, parents and community partners to keep students engaged in learning by addressing any social, emotional or family problems that may be interfering with regular attendance at school or ensure a student is working with a licence in a safe environment .

The Education Investigation Service will upon receipt of information take a number of steps to alleviate the concerns of the community in either validating why a child is out of school or working, after all there may be a genuine reason for it, or by taking measures to ensure the matter is addressed.

We have made good progress in reducing the numbers of students who are absent from school, and children working without a licence, but we can do more, especially with help from the community.

  • Do you have concerns about children who are absent from school?
  • Do you have concerns about a child working?


If so, please Contact Us:

Telephone: 01384 814317/11

Email: or Online Contact Form

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