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Enjoy and Achieve - Opportunities for Out of School Activities

Dudley’s looked after children are encouraged to take part in out of school activities to help build personal and social skills, raise educational achievement and improve life chances.

The Virtual School is directly involved in promoting and/or running a number of initiatives. If you would like more information about any of the items listed below or need advice in finding appropriate activities for young people to take part in please contact the LACES Team on 01384 813493 or complete the online form at the bottom of this page.

The Letterbox Club

The Letterbox Club aims to improve educational achievement for Looked after Children aged 7-11. Children receive a regular package containing a book, maths activities and stationery. The packs are sent out between June and October which help bridge the gap in educational provision during the summer holidays.

A pilot project ran very successfully in 2008 in partnership with Leicester University. As a result letterbox packs can now be purchased by schools.

The packs are available for:

  • Year 1 (Orange)

  • Year 3 (Blue)

  • Year 5 (Red)

  • Year 7 (Green)

  • SEN - ages 7-9 (Yellow)

Schools can sign up on the letterbox web site.

More information from:, tel: 020 8516 2993

Volunteer Reading

The Volunteer Reading Scheme can provide children with one to support for reading in school for a few hours each week. Contact the child's school to find out if they are part of this scheme.

Library Membership

The Virtual School works alongside Dudley Libraries to encourage young people to enjoy reading and become involved with their local library.

The library also offers or signposts educational activities and community information for children and adults, computer training and a range of online resources.

Options Cards

The Options+ Leisure Discount Scheme offers significant savings to on leisure activities across Dudley and is available to Foster Families and children in residential care.

For more information telephone 01384 814179 or visit the Options+ web page.


Swimming lessons are available to Dudley Looked after Children organised by Brierley Hill Swimming Club. Please contact the Virtual School if you require any further information.

Youth Club for Looked After Children

This popular club runs weekly for looked after children between the ages of 12 and 17. Please contact the Virtual School for further information.

Sycamore Adventure

The is is an amazing new adventure playground at Sycamore Green. It has been designed with the needs of all children in mind. It offers a range of specialist play equipment as well as qualified staff who will be on hand to support all children and young people to play. It includes the following:
• outdoor camp fires
• sensory room
• arts and crafts
• den building
• nature trails
• a huge slide
• storytelling surrounded by a giant dragon
• and a desert island complete with a boat

A number of closed sessions for Looked After Children are available. Please contact Sue Holmes on 01384 81349 for more information.

For more general details about the adventure playground, opening times and how to join in the fun: visit the Sycamore Adventure website or contact the team on 01384 813755 or