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Principles of Elective Home Education

  • All of our ways of working will be in line with DCSF and Local Authority (LA) guidelines.
  • Procedures should be clear, consistent, non-intrusive and timely in order to provide a good foundation for the development of trusting relationships.
  • We wish to work with parents to develop effective partnerships
  • To have a yearly review of our procedures involving appropriate officers, home education organisations and parents. Any complaints will be listened to and handled sensitively.
  • The Senior Officer with responsibility for elective home education policy and procedures will ensure that all officers who have contact with home educating families have received appropriate training.
  • The LA recognises that there are many approaches to educational provision, not just a “school at home” model. What is suitable for one child may not be for another but all children should be involved in a learning process.
  • The degree of contact with specific home education families will be dependant on individual circumstances and / or the suitability of education being received.
  • In terms of the monitoring process, the LA recognises that legally it does not have the right of access to the child’s home although a home visit is the preferred option. Parents may choose to have a meeting outside the home or to submit a written report.
  • For children with a statement of special educational needs, this will be reviewed annually following procedures set out in chapter 9 of the SEN Code of Practice.
  • The LA will provide written information and website links for prospective and existing electively home educating parents setting out the legal responsibilities and roles and responsibilities of both the LA and parents.
  • If any child protection concerns come to light in the course of engagement with children and families, or otherwise, these concerns will be immediately referred to the appropriate authorities using LA established protocols
  • All elective home education young people will have access to the Connexions Service once they reach 13 years of age.
  • The LA will assist the parents of home educated children who wish to pursue work experience through existing Education Business Partnership arrangements so that health and safety issues, child protection and insurance provision are covered to safeguard the young person.