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Speech and Language Base

Following referral, Specialist Teachers and Specialist Teaching Assistants can provide educational outreach to children in their Early Years setting and KS1 mainstream school.

The Speech and Language Base caters for children across the Dudley Borough who have a diagnosis of a severe receptive language disorder as a primary need, and any additional learning needs as result of this.


Speech and Language Base (SLB) at Hasbury

The Speech and Language Base is situated at St Magaret's at Hasbury work on a referral system for Key Stage One children aged 4-7 years with severe and complex language needs.

It allows for Children to access mainstream curriculum and integrate with their year group for a variety of subjects. The subjects and activities are adapted and delivered with careful consideration to suit difficulties by using a variety of visual resources to help support their individual needs. The children’s speech and language objectives are embedded throughout the school day, with regular liaison meetings between teaching staff and a Speech and Language Therapist. This is to ensure a consistent approach to helping children make progress towards their aims.

Speech and language therapy is delivered one to one, small group or class situations throughout the week.

 The process for referral is as follows:

  • A Speech and Language Therapist, with parental consent, will carry out specialist assessments to determine the child's difficulties.
  • If the child meets the criteria, a referral form will be forwarded to the Speech and Language Base.
  • The Educational Psychologist will then work with and observe the children to assess further the child's learning ability.
  • Once assessments are completed, a panel is held to determine if the provision would benefit the child's learning needs.
  • Places at the base will be offered as a result of these discussions.

For further information please contact:

01384 818665

St Margaret’s at Hasbury, 
Hagley Road,
B63 4BH

Hob Green Speech and Language Base

We are a Key Stage 2 specialist provision for children with severe and complex speech and language needs.  We cater for children aged 7-11 years old.  To access our provision all children have to have a primary need of speech, language and communication. Children experience difficulties with speech sound production, expressive language or receptive language or a combination of these.

As we are a Key Stage Two Base and aim to prepare our children for life in mainstream education as soon as we feel appropriate, we aim to expose the children to as many mainstream curriculum opportunities as possible. The mainstream curriculum is delivered at a pitch that is appropriate to the children’s needs whilst taking into account careful consideration of their speech and language difficulties.

Activities are highly differentiated and lots of visual resources are used to support the children’s speech and language needs and ensure they make progress. All of the children’s speech and language aims are embedded throughout the school day and liaison meetings between teaching staff and the SALT are held half termly to ensure there is a consistent approach to helping the children make progress towards their aims.   Where staff feel it is appropriate, children are integrated into their mainstream classes for a variety of subjects. These can be either core or non-core dependent on the child’s ability. Here they are provided with the opportunity to be exposed to the linguistics and pace of the mainstream classroom whilst being fully supported by a member of the speech and language base (where necessary).  

For further information please contact:

01384 816730

Hob Green Primary School, 
Hob Green Road,