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The first year is a vitally important year in an newly qualified teacher's career, not just because it is the last hurdle to fully joining the profession but because it can also shape and influence their careers for the next few years.

We want to make sure every newly qualified teacher makes progress on the journey to becoming an excellent teacher and that young people receive the best teaching to support them to achieve the highest standards they can.

We offer an Appropriate Body Service which includes:

  • an established Appropriate Body with a proven track record
  • email and telephone support from an experienced NQT Lead Officer to provide Guidance and assistance throughout the year
  • quality assurance of your NQTs termly and final assessments using the teaching standards
  • liaison with and update the TRA (Teaching Regulation Agency) on your behalf
  • use of highly recognised NQT Manager - an online paperless management system which allows you to record and submit your electronic assessments securely

NQT Manager

Who is the service for?

Schools will want to ensure that their NQT pass their induction period successfully. To do this the Appropriate Body quality assures the induction process and provides advice and support for both the school and the NQT. While academies do not need to have their NQTs go through the induction process most, as part of wider the teaching profession, see this as an important process that they would like to see all their NQTs take part in. All schools take the professional development and careers of their teachers as a serious obligation and ultimately passing their induction is the interest of the NQT who may want to work across the maintained school sector during their career.

The Appropriate Body Service is available to all Dudley Schools at a cost of £50 per term, per NQT.  Out of Borough schools by negotiation.

Teachers' standards

What are the Teachers’ Standards?

• The Teachers’ Standards set a clear baseline of expectations for the professional practice and conduct of teachers and define the minimum level of practice expected of teachers in England.
• They were developed by an independent review group made up of leading teachers, headteachers and other experts.

Those involved in training and inducting new teachers must use the Teachers’ Standards to ensure quality of new entrants to the profession.

• The Teachers’ Standards must be used by initial teacher training (ITT) providers to assess when trainees can be recommended for qualified teacher status.
• They must be used by schools to assess the extent to which newly qualified teachers can demonstrate their competence at the end of their induction period.

Your Responsibilities:

  • You should participate fully in the programme of monitoring, support and assessment that is agreed with the induction tutor – this is your induction;
  • You should be familiar with the Teachers' Standards, and should monitor your own progress in relation to them;
  • You should take increasing responsibility for your professional development as your induction support programme progresses;
  • If you are not satisfied with the content and/or delivery of the programme of monitoring, support and assessment being provided during your induction, please act as quickly as possible – remember this is your induction. You should, in the first instance, make use of the school’s internal procedures for raising professional concerns, including those involving the school’s governing body. If your concerns go beyond the school’s systems or procedures, or if you feel that the concerns have not been properly addressed, you should contact the Local Authority Induction Coordinator - Jo Moules.

Teaching Standards

Induction for newly qualified teachers

Statutory Guidance for inducting newly qualified teachers, it lays out the rules we all have to follow during the induction process, the newly qualified teachers, the Induction Tutor, the School and the Appropriate Body.

Induction for newly qualified teachers (England)

Induction tutor resources

Induction Tutors play an important part in the successful completion of the induction period for NQTs. The Appropriate Body is there to support you in that role if you need it so please make contact and ask any questions you have at the earliest opportunity. The induction tutor (or the headteacher/principal if carrying out this role) should:

  • provide, or coordinate, guidance and effective support including coaching and mentoring for the NQT’s professional development (with the appropriate body where necessary);
  • carry out regular progress reviews throughout the induction period;
  • undertake three formal assessment meetings during the total induction period coordinating input from other colleagues as appropriate (normally one per term, or pro rata for part-time staff);
  • inform the NQT during the assessment meeting of the judgements to be recorded in the formal assessment record and invite the NQT to add their comments;
  • ensure that the NQT’s teaching is observed and feedback provided;
  • ensure NQTs are aware of how, both within and outside the institution, they can raise any concerns about their induction programme or their personal progress; and
  • take prompt, appropriate action if an NQT appears to be having difficulties.

 We have included the following attachments to support you in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Example NQT lesson observation form

Guidelines for classroom observation

Initial action plan for first year of teaching

Newly qualified teacher training

A training calendar for newly qualified teachers.

Newly qualified teacher training

Teaching Regulation Agency

Teaching Regulation Agency improves the quality of the education and early year’s workforce and help schools to help each other improve.

Teaching Regulation Agency

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