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Advisory Disabled Parking Places Policy

The provision of advisory disabled parking places (ADPP) is intended to assist residents who have a disability and would otherwise find it difficult to use a vehicle either owned by them or available to them.

Important note:

These parking places are advisory and therefore, can be used by other people, and are not legally enforceable.

Should the provision of an Advisory Disabled Parking Place be agreed, it will be marked ideally outside the applicant’s property or within 50m of the property.

Please note: 

If the Advisory Disabled Parking place is proposed outside another property, or in an area which may cause obstruction to others, such as a hammer head or turning circle, officers from the council may need to consult with the applicant and the affected properties prior to agreeing to the installation.

Advisory Disabled parking places will only be provided for applicants where:

• The applicant is a Blue Badge Holder, resident at the address, or represent a Blue Badge Holder resident at the address of the requested Disabled Parking Place.  By restricting eligibility to Blue Badge Holders Council officers are relying on the medical skills and knowledge of professions better able to ascertain the level of disability
• The Blue Badge Holder must have access to a vehicle registered to the address, or provide written evidence from the supplier of the vehicle that the vehicle will remain at the address
• The address of the Blue Badge Holder should be on a road maintained as a public highway
• The address of the Blue Badge Holder should not have off street parking and/or a garage unless the disabled person or vehicle have specific requirements that prohibit the use of the off-street parking or garage
• Off street parking cannot be reasonably created at the address of the Blue Badge Holder
• Parking within 50m of the address of the Blue Badge Holder is difficult to find on a regular basis

Advisory Disabled parking places will NOT be provided for applicants where:

• on a Red Route
• there is parking or waiting restriction indicated by Double Yellow Lines etc.
• on Trunk Roads or Classified roads
• where a ban on loading or unloading is in force
• where parking places exist for specific users such as residents, loading vehicles etc
• near an existing pedestrian crossing including the areas marked with zig-zag lines
• Clearways (no Stopping areas) and urban clearways
• where there is a bus stop marking or within 10m of a bus stop
• where there is a ‘school keep clear’ markings
• where there is a bus lane, tram, cycle lanes or cycle tracks
• where there are double white lines in the centre of the road
• where there is metered parking, on street parking charges, residents parking scheme or controlled parking zone
• within the braking distance, as detailed by the Highway Code and the speed limit, to a bend, brow of hill or humpback bridge or similar hazard
• within 10m or opposite a junction
• where it would make the road too narrow for passing vehicles i.e. the road is two way and is less than 5.5m
• where it would block access for vehicles especially emergency services
• where a kerb has been lowered to assist the crossing of a road
• on or straddling a pavement
• where the length of the requested disabled parking place will exceed 8% of the length of parking available


Advisory Disabled Parking spaces are normally 6.6m (21ft 7inches) in length and the width is 2.7m (8ft 11inches).  However, this may have to be altered to suit the applicants needs and the location.

disable bay, white dashed outline with white letters spelling disabled

Application process

Once an application has been received, an officer of the Council may inspect the proposed location and may need to verify the information provided, and discuss a proposed location for the advisory disabled parking place.

If the proposed location affects another residents’ property, the officer will write to the affected household in order to obtain their views.

The application form below will need to be completed by the resident or their representative.

Refusal of an application

Should the officer of the council refuse the application, a written statement will be provided to the applicant or their representative.
Stating the reasons for the refusal. The reason will be one of those stated above or in some cases the reason will be that in the officer’s opinion, the proposed location is likely to cause significant issues for other residents and road users and a suitable location cannot be found within 50m of the applicant’s property.


The applicant or their representative may appeal the decision by writing to:
Traffic Management
Dudley MBC
Place Directorate
Traffic and Road Safety
4 Ednam Road
or email:

Please return your completed form to:

Traffic Management
Dudley MBC
Place Directorate
Traffic and Road Safety
4 Ednam Road

or email: