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Advisory Disabled Parking Places Policy

The provision of advisory disabled parking places (ADPP) is intended to assist residents who have a disability and would otherwise find it difficult to use a vehicle either owned by them or available to them.

Please Note: Our Advisory Disabled Bay service has been suspended on 5 October 2022. It will resume following a policy update, scheduled for mid-2023.

Important note:

These parking places are advisory and therefore, can be used by other people, and are not legally enforceable.

Should the provision of an Advisory Disabled Parking Place be agreed, it will be marked ideally outside the applicant’s property or within 50m of the property.

Please note: 

If the Advisory Disabled Parking place is proposed outside another property, or in an area which may cause obstruction to others, such as a hammer head or turning circle, officers from the council may need to consult with the applicant and the affected properties prior to agreeing to the installation.