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Household support fund

This scheme is to help if you are struggling to pay your bills due to the cost of living increases - Household support fund application.

Dudley Council
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Red Routes are a new way of relieving traffic congestion, primarily by the removal of illegal and inconsiderate parking.
  • Red Routes use a package of measures including road and traffic signal improvements, and better provision for parking and loading according to local needs. These measures are complimented by better enforcement of illegally and inappropriately parked vehicles.
  • Signs identify that the road is a Red Route. Areas where parking is restricted are defined by red lines at the kerb. Areas where parking and loading are permitted will also be clearly marked and signed.
  • Better signing of car parks also encourage people to use existing parking facilities off the main road.
  • Side roads joining a Red Route may be changed to provide safer and better parking. This also allows pedestrians to cross more safely and enables vehicles to get onto the main road more easily.
  • Red Routes are not blanket 'no stopping' restrictions.
  • Red Routes are not fast-flowing mini motorways.
  • Red Routes will use red lines and signs that will clearly indicate where stopping is prohibited and will also clearly define where and when parking and loading is allowed
At present Dudley Council do not operate any red routes but they are operational in London and other cities.