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There are 1,090 grit / salt bins throughout the borough. Bins are usually sited on minor roads not included in the Principal Road Network but which are considered potentially hazardous e.g. those with particular features such as a steep hill or an elderly people’s home.

  • Request a new grit bin

  • Request for a grit bin to be removed

  • Request a grit bin refill

  • To report a problem with a grit bin

You can also speak to Dudley Council Plus.

Grit bins are provided to enable members of the public to grit roads and footpaths at known trouble spots, e.g. road junctions or roads with steep gradients and heavily used footways with steep gradients. The grit is not for use on private driveways and property.

Grit/salt bins are placed on site well in advance of the winter period and are regularly checked and restocked and when necessary.

Where are the grit bins?

Use our online search to locate the gritting bins near to you.

Find our which roads are gritted - online information and forms

Use our online Gritting Routes facility to find out if your street is on a gritting route.

Removal of Grit Bins

Grit bins will be removed from their given location:

  • where there is proof of misuse of the salt
  • where residents cannot agree a location or need
  • where bins suffer continued vandalism

The provision of a new grit bin (or relocation of an existing grit bin) will be agreed through consultation with residents prior to installation, particularly those directly affected. If a suitable location, which addresses the geometric requirements, cannot be agreed then a grit bin may not be provided.

Servicing of Grit Bins

Grit bins will only be placed where they can be easily refilled from a lorry parked alongside.

Grit bins will be refilled as soon as possible after a period of heavy use. However it must be recognised that it is essentially the same workforce who undertake carriageway and footway treatment that replenish the salt/grit in grit bins. Given the large number of bins there is a considerable resource implication to replenish salt/grit and this task will only be undertaken when carriageway and footway treatments have been scaled down sufficiently to release labour and plant for grit bin duties.

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