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Section 31 Grant – Local Transport Capital Block Funding 2018/19

Public Statement

In November 2018, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council was awarded £1,346,000.00 of funding by the Department for Transport as a Grant under Section 31 of the Local Government Act.  This was in addition to Pothole Grant of £170,000.00. These Grants were intended to assist the authority to improve the condition of the local highway network, permanently repair potholes and undertake work to prevent the formation of potholes. Dudley’s allocation was part of a 2018 budget allocation of £420 million for Local Highway Maintenance Funding and £50 million for Pothole Action Funding made available to local authorities on a national basis.

Dudley Council welcomes the additional funding and to comply with the conditions of the grant set out by the Department for Transport publishes the following information:

The highway maintenance activities in Dudley comprise a range of programmed structural and preventative carriageway and footway maintenance treatments including.

  • Carriageway and Footway Resurfacing including inlay and overlay programmes
  • Structural Patching Programme
  • Surface Dressing and Micro Asphalt Programmes
  • Complemented by reactive pothole and patching work to ensure the highway remains in a safe condition.

The Grant money has been spent in both planned and reactive works as detailed below:

  1. The following 18 roads were brought forward into the carriage resurfacing programme
  • Lister Road, Netherton 510 linear metres
  • New Road, Netherton 345 linear metres
  • Walker Avenue, Wollescote 600 linear metres
  • Sandyfields Road, Sedgley 620 linear metres
  • Cot Lane, Kingswinford 250 linear metres
  • The Inhedge, Dudley 200 linear metres
  • Middlepark Road, Dudley 200 linear metres
  • Bushyfields Road, Dudley 250 linear metres
  • St Peters Road, Netherton 700 linear metres
  • Bagley Street Lye 250 linear metres
  • Bagley’s Road, Lye 260 linear metres
  • Caledonia, Lye 200 linear metres
  • Lansdowne Road, Halesowen 420 linear metres
  • Hurst lane, Brierley Hill 420 linear metres
  • Worcester Lane, Stourbridge 150 linear metres
  • Marriot Road, Netherton 610 linear metres
  • Church Road, Netherton 560 linear metres
  • Belle Vale, Halesowen 200 linear metres
  1. An additional 10,700 m2 of potholes, carriageway patching and repair of highway defects was undertaken at a cost of £425,700

The Section 31 funding supplemented the Councils budget for carriageway and footway maintenance in 2018/19 which was £6.306 million for both planned and reactive works. It can be clearly seen that the Council has continued to make a significant contribution to improving the condition of the highway asset in Dudley and the Department for Transport funding has complemented and added to this improvement programme.