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Section 31 Grant – Effects of Severe Weather

Public Statement

In March 2014, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has been awarded £318,757.00 of funding by the Department for Transport as a revenue grant under Section 31 of the Local Government Act. This grant is intended to assist the Council in dealing with the effects of the severe weather from December 2013 to March 2014. The contribution is part of £140 million made available to local authorities on a national basis.

Dudley Council welcomes the additional funding and to comply with the conditions of the grant set out by Department for Transport, the Council is publishing the following information.
The Highways Maintenance activities in Dudley comprises a range of programmed structural and preventative carriageway and footway maintenance treatments, including

  • Carriageway and Footway Resurfacing, including inlay and overlay programmes

  • Structural Patching Programme

  • Surface Dressing and Micro asphalt programmes.

Complemented by reactive pothole and patching work to ensure the highways remain in a safe condition.

There is a need in Dudley to deal with deterioration to the 846km unclassified network, which the severe weather has accelerated. The grant money will be spent in both planned and reactive work areas as detailed below.

  1. 12 Unclassified roads will be added to the micro-asphalting programme for 2014/15 at a cost of approx £100,000

  2. An additional 7,000 square metres of potholes, patching and repair of highway defects will be undertaken.

The Section 31 funding will supplement the Councils' budget for carriageway and footway maintenance in 2014/15, which is £5.521 million for both planned and reactive works. It can be clearly seen that the Council has continued to make a significant contribution to improving the condition of the highway asset in Dudley and that the Department for Transport funding has complemented and added to this improvement programme.