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Travel Plan for Businesses

What is Company TravelWise about ?

Company TravelWise offers practical advice and real examples for organisations aimed at reducing employee car usage not only to and from work, but also on work related journeys.

By affiliating to Company TravelWise your business will be offered advice, access to new ideas, discount travel passes including a one-off 50% reduction, up-to-date transport information and potential business links with other companies. Your organisation will be continuously assisted, from the initial affiliation, through the Company Travel Survey, to the implementation of the ideas contained within the plan.

Why not ...

  • nominate someone to co-ordinate your TravelWise ideas
  • undertake a staff survey to find out employees' travel habits and their views on transport
  • assess your organisation's travel needs and requirements
  • lead from the top and involve management in initiates to provide greater encouragement for employees
  • use noticeboards and newsletters (etc) to advertise any initiatives and public information such as public transport timetables and service information