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Travel Plan for Employees

What is Company TravelWise ?

It's a scheme to reduce car dependence, and has two types of members, Affiliate and Support companies.

Affiliated companies agree to implement the measure contained within the Company TravelWise document and take advantage of the benefits on offer. The Environment, Engineering & Transportation Department is classed as an Affiliated company.

Support companies provide an invaluable service to Company TravelWise members, as well as providing a good business opportunity for themselves. If the business provides bicycles, taxi services, car hire, alternative fuel vehicles etc, anything which is considered relevant to the theme of Company TravelWise can be offered to all Affiliated and other Support companies at a discounted rate.

What's in it for you?

Well apart from doing your bit to save the planet there are also practical benefits for you.

Employee Discount Card

Every Affiliated or Support company will receive a number of Employee Discount Cards. These will be allocated to employees for identification purposes when purchasing at a reduced price items form a Support company.

For example if you transfer from using your car to public transport you can qualify for the introductory discount of 50% on a travel pass.

Cars & Their Impact

Facts to take note of ...

  • each car parking space could be costing your organisation between £500 - £3000 per year
  • car parking can often take up more space than the buildings in which you work
  • the West Midlands has the highest traffic flow and the worst daily congestion outside London
  • it is estimated by the Freight Transport Association that congestion costs the national economy £20 billion a year
  • more than two thirds of GPs believe that the Government should take measures to reduce car dependency
  • 22% of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the greenhouse gas, comes from road traffic emissions
  • congestion can increase your stress levels
  • 8 out of 10 cars carry only the driver
  • it is generally accepted that we can no longer build our way out of congestion by constructing new roads