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Travel Plan for Other Travellers


Travelwise is a travel awareness campaign which was launched by Hertfordshire County Council in December 1993. It was originally just a publicity campaign aimed at "generating acceptability for the need to change" in response to the problems that have been generated by the increase in traffic in recent years. It racognises that we must act now if we are not to end with many roads gridlocked for the greater part of every working day.

It is not designed or meant to be an anti-car campaign, in fact it is pro car in that it encourages the most appropriate mode of travel so that when necessary travel by car can be easier and less polluting.

The Travelwise campaign has continued to evelove over the years to encompass a number of different themes. Company Travelwise is one which is being adopted throughout the West Midlands by all local authorities.

Travel plans are about encouraging more sustainable transport modes, as well as consodering if there is a real need for some journeys. They are not soley for Local Authorities, but are designed for business and other organisations. Dudley Council is using Company Travelwise to help promote the travel awarness messsage throughout the wider community.