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Repatriation of Deceased Body from Abroad

1. My relative has died abroad (while staying/living there/on holiday). What do I do to get them buried/cremated here?

2. I am the funeral director/undertaker who has been asked to take care of the arrangements for a person who has died abroad?

Firstly has the Coroner for this district been informed? (Absolutely essential)
If NO - Refer them to the coroner as the death must be cleared by him.
If YES - then you can obtain a Certificate of No Liability to Register ONLY from a Registrar for the District where the body is to be buried/cremated, on production of all related paperwork (death certificate etc.)

Repatriation of Deceased Body Abroad

I wish to register a death, but the body is to be taken abroad for burial/cremation?

You must contact the Coroner to give NOTICE and obtain the necessary form 104 (REV) for removing the body from England.

You must register the death at the Register Office for the District where the death occurred in the usual way and inform the Registrar that the Coroner has authorised the removal of the body from England. Dudley Registration Celebratory