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Save the date! We will be broadcasting a big Christmas celebration on December 20th . You can find out how to get involved from this website

We are inviting the community to take part in a virtual concert that will be broadcast at 16:00 on Sunday 20th December.  Taking part is easy, just have a browse through the options below, decide what you are going to do and when you are ready send us a video of you/family members taking part.

We will use the videos to create one massive event that we can all sit back and enjoy on the 20th.

Sing With Us

There are several opportunities to sing with us. This includes options for young children through to adults.

Take part in the Finale

Everyone is invited to sing or play in the Finale which will be Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone.  Check out the Christmas Finale page for all you need to know.  

Two Christmas Songs for Children to Sing

We have prepared 2 songs that children can learn to sing. These are classics that everyone will know and can be learned really quickly. Go to the page, learn the songs and send in your videos!

Sing in the Nativity (for young children)

We can't have Christmas without young children performing a nativity. We have prepared 3 songs for young children to learn and sing.  The songs are really simple and we have produced some videos you can use to help learn these songs at home.

Sing the Carols

Here are two traditional carols. All the family can take part and it would be great to see those you can't be with at the moment getting involved.  We have chosen two carols that everyone will know, extend this invite far and wide so that we can build a massive family celebration.

Children with additional needs

At this time of year we would normally be involved with the legendary Special Schools Christmas Concert. If you’ve ever been, you would know how wonderful the performers make such an unforgettable evening of entertainment. So this year we want our children to take part in the DPA Christmas Festival.

There are many opportunities as listed such as ‘Sing in the Nativity’ or ‘Take Part in the Finale’…but the Jingle Bells segment of the concert is especially for pupils with additional needs. Sing, play instruments, dance or sign. Record a video and send it to us!

Start by watching this video, practice and then send in your films!  You can get loads of help and ideas about how to make your film at tips for making your video and when you are ready send the finished file to

Sing or Play in the Finale

We challenge all of you, regardless of age or where you happen to be in the world to join our finale. Go to the  Christmas Finale page to find out how everyone can either sing or play along with DPA staff. 

It wouldn't be possible for everyone to take part in a concert hall even without Covid, so lets take the challenge to do something special for Christmas 2020.

DPA Performance Groups

All of our groups are taking part in online rehearsals.  Students will be taught how to play a piece of music and each group will make a film to be used as part of the event.  If you are in a group make sure you go to the rehearsals to find out what to do.  It may be possible to join, get in touch with for more information.