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This is an invite to everyone! We would like you to send us films of your family singing these Carols. You can do either/both of them, get your best Christmas outfits on and have a sing! The invite extends to your extended family and friends including the ones that you haven't seen since March and those who live overseas. Christmas is a family time, lets get together and sing.

Start by watching one of the films linked below and get used to singing along. The words are included 'karaoke' style, just listen to the introduction and start singing when the words appear.

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

When you are ready, watch 'recording your video' for some tips and then film yourself . You can also get some tips on what to do at Tips for making your video.

When you are done send your film to and make sure we have it by December 11th.

We will then include you, your family and friends in the broadcast on December 20th.