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Below are links to 3 songs that you can teach young children to sing. You can do  this just for fun, but we would love you to send us a video of your children singing these songs so that we can include them in our Christmas Concert.  We all know that we can't do this in school halls this year so let's all get together and make it happen online.

A Gift for the Baby Boy (with vocal)

A Gift for the Baby Boy (no vocal)

A Grand Song (no vocal)

A Grand Song (with vocal)

I Have a Little Present (with vocal)

I Have a Little Present (no vocal)

You can find loads of help at Tips for making your video and when you have finished send the result to


If you are not sure how to teach your children these songs we have made these help guides for you to use.

I have a little present   

A grand song 

 A gift for the baby part 1 

A gift for the baby  part 2 


These songs are from 'A Present for The Baby' and licensed for use by Out of The Arc Music