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Dudley Performing Arts co-ordinate a series of events each year for children and young people. Below is the programme for the school year starting September 2019

Date Event DPA Groups Involved
10/11/2019 Remembrance Sunday Youth Wind Band
02/12/2019 Winter Concert One, Stourbridge Town Hall All Wind Up Beats, Concert Wind Band, All Electric Guitar Groups
03/12/2019 Winter Concert Two, Stourbridge Town Hall All String Up Beats, Concert Strings, Big Band, Percussion Ensemble
04/12/2019 Winter Concert Three, Stourbridge Town Hall All Keyboard Groups, Acoustic Guitars, Youth Woodwind Ensemble
05/12/2019 Special School Christmas Concert, Dudley Town Hall
09/12/2019 Winter Dance Festival, Stourbridge Town Hall, Special School Concert
16/12/2019 The Mayors Schools Christmas Concert, Dudley Town Hall Dudley Youth Wind, Brass and String groups, Dudley School's Rock Choir
30/01/2020 Rotary Young Musician of the Year, Netherton Arts Centre
07 & 08/03/2020 Orchestra Weekend
12/03/2020 Open Evening, Netherton Arts Centre
16/03/2020 Big Sing at Symphony Hall
23/03/2020 Spring Festival 1, Dudley Town Hall Acoustic Guitars, Keyboard Groups, Percussion Ensemble
24/03/2020 Spring Festival 2, Dudley Town Hall Youth Wind Band, Youth Brass Band, Youth Wind Ensemble, All Electric Guitar Groups
25/03/2020 Grand Festival of Strings, Dudley Town Hall Up Beat Strings, Concert Strings, Youth Strings
26/03/2020 Chamber Groups and Soloists, St Andrews Netherton
27/03/2020 Big Play (West Midlands Music Big Month of March)
30/03/2020 Wind Festival, Dudley Town Hall Concert Wind, Up Beat Wind, Big Band
31/03/2020 Festival of Song, Dudley Town Hall
01/04/2020 Spring Dance Festival, Dudley Town Hall
29/06/2020 Inspire Day, Dudley Town Hall
05/07/2020 DPA Summer Festival, Mary Stevens Park All Groups
10/07/2020 Recorder Festival, Netherton Arts Centre