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Online Lessons with Dudley Performing Arts - Summer Term 2020

During school closures due to Covid-19 we will be offering online music lessons for students. The lessons will be taught by our teachers and will be an opportunity for children to carry on learning and maintain weekly contact with a music teacher. 

You will need a minimum of a smart phone and wifi but you may be able to use laptops or tablets etc., it really depends on what you have available. Normal face to face lessons will resume as soon as it is possible to do so.

To get started, please enrol your child. Below there is more information on how the process will work. Please read the notes carefully as this explains more about the process you are agreeing to.

How to enrol for online lessons

  • Go to -
  • ‘Sign in’ or ‘Create an account’
  • ‘Enrol for an Activity’
  • ‘DPA Direct Tuition’ and select ‘DPA Online Lessons’ and press ‘Next’
  • Select an instrument from the drop-down menu and press ‘Next’
  • Complete the student details. Note – Date of Birth format is DD/MM/YYYY and press ‘Next’
  • Complete the Parent/Guardian details and press ‘Next’
  • Payment just press ‘Next’, there is no charge for enrolment
  • Complete the Privacy options and press ‘Next’
  • Check the details and agree to the Terms and Conditions and press ‘Enrol’

After you have enrolled and online safety

You will be contacted by one of our teachers from a secure work email ending in either or and this will include all the information you need. In most cases this will be the teacher you know contacting you.  These are the only two email addresses we will use regarding online lessons. Communication about these lessons will only take place by email so please only ring the office in an emergency.

Contact about these lessons must be between our teacher and a parent or responsible adult. Our staff will not correspond with children’s email addresses.

The teacher will be at home, dressed professionally and will conduct the lesson as if they were in the same room at school. We need you to ensure that the lesson in your home takes place in a suitable room, that children are dressed appropriately and ensure that siblings or others do not wander into view.

A responsible adult must be present at the start of the lesson and remain in proximity throughout. Ideally, we would like this person to remain in the room to help children with practice or work for next week.

The session must not be recorded or shared by either teacher, parent or student.

The session will end if our teacher feels that any of the above is not in place or if they feel that anything is not as it should be. If this happens they will email you and the Head of Dudley Performing Arts.

The Lesson

As a minimum, you will need a smart phone and have either the Zoom or Teams app downloaded (we will tell you which). Please experiment with these apps and see which works best for you. The lesson will work better on the highest quality equipment you have.  A tablet will probably work better than a smart phone and a laptop probably will work better than both.  However, you know what works best in your house, please decide accordingly.

The lesson may work better if the student wears earphones and you might experiment with this (including one earphone on, one off etc).

Background noise can be a major problem during online tuition, especially in a music lesson.  Try and find a quiet place in the house. NB – if this is a bedroom the responsible adult must be visible at all times.

Find somewhere stable for the phone, tablet or PC and be prepared to experiment. The teacher may ask you to move the device to get a clearer picture of how the student is playing the instrument from time to time. You may also need to think about lighting in the room. For example, a bright light behind the student’s head will make it hard to see what is happening.

Make sure that any books, printed music or backing tracks etc that may be needed are ready before the lesson starts.

Lesson Fees

Please continue with the arrangements you have with your school. If you are told otherwise please get in touch with