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Dudley Performing Arts TV (DPA TV) is a part of our alternative delivery plan for September 2020. This plan is designed to support schools in maintaining a music offer whilst following DfE guidance to reduce “the number of contacts between pupils/students and staff

To make this work, we will broadcast an interactive lesson for KS1 and KS2 at regular times each week that classes/bubbles can tune into.

Simply contact DPA at to sign up for the sessions.

  • The sessions will be delivered on Zoom and will follow the latest guidance on health and safety in regard to music making. For this reason, the sessions will have limited use of instruments and singing, will use body percussion, clapping etc and have a focus on well being
  • There will be an element of interaction and sessions will be delivered live by DPA staff. Lesson content is currently being developed in partnership with the 14 West Midlands Music Services and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.
  • A timetable will be published that delivers the same KS1 lesson at several points during the week (likewise for KS2) in order that schools/bubbles can tune in as best fits. In the event of localised lockdown the sessions could be accessed from home
  • The KS1 sessions will be designed for Y2 and the KS2 for Y4. However, the sessions will be broad enough for neighbouring year groups and as such we believe that this programme would deliver a music curriculum for the Autumn term and reduce pressure on school staff
  • We anticipate that each session will be 30 to 40 minutes long and that a variety of schools will ‘tune in’ to each.
  • Interaction could include a school class performing to a class in a different school and it will be possible for teachers in the classroom to ask questions (or facilitate this with a student)
  • We plan to deliver 5 sessions starting on week beginning 21st September allowing time for school life to settle into some form of routine.
  • Where schools can manage provision safely, we will broadcast a daily sing at 09:30 each day, a time when we believe all students will be in school. This will be accessible in bubbles and could result in a whole school musical experience before other learning starts. The sessions will be led by DPA singing staff and repertoire chosen with positive messaging/wellbeing themes
  • The cost for accessing the programme will be £150 per key stage with the daily sing (if permitted) free to those subscribing.