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Our groups have taken part in a summer festival since the early 1990’s and we think it is only right that students have an opportunity to perform this year. We will hold a short online festival at 11:00am on the 5th July, the day we would have all gathered to play in Mary Stevens Park. 

After half term there will be a series of short online rehearsals for our groups. The rehearsal will last for around 30 minutes, students will be able to play along with their teachers and find out more about the online festival.  A second session will take place the following week for smaller groups of children and you will be able to access videos on YouTube to help you practice.

Students will then need to be videoed playing the music which is to be sent to us. We will create a series of montage films that will be shown at 11:00am on the 5th July to make a short online festival.

We are also asking you to send us pictures/short video clips that you have of your families at past festivals, whether they were at Mary Stevens Park, Dudley Town Hall, Himley Hall or Dudley Castle and we will use these to create a virtual audience for the festival.

In the next few days you will receive information that is specific to your group along with the music, notes about how we will manage online safety, media permissions, how to video guides and a timeline for submitting the pictures and videos.

Rehearsal Schedule

Invitations to these rehearsals will be sent to the email you enrolled with 15 minutes before the start.

  • Up Beat Wind, Monday 8th June 17:00
  • Percussion, Monday 8th June 17:45
  • Up Beat Strings, Tuesday 9th June 16:30
  • Concert and Youth Strings, Tuesday 9th June 17:15
  • Concert and Youth Wind, Tuesday 9th June 18:00
  • Guitars, Tuesday 9th June 16:00 to 17:30
    • Steve Nichols 16:00 
    • Delesh Chauhan  16:30
    • Rob Fellows 17:00
  • Keyboards, Tuesday 9th June 16:00
  • Singers, Wednesday 10th   June 18:00


Download your Music

Keep checking - files will be made available as they are completed.