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The piece is a reworking of one that we did around 2 years ago in the summer festival (Samba, Djembe and Soca, will really make you loca)

There are 6 drum kit parts of varying degrees of difficulty, if you look at the main score you will notice that as you go down the parts the drum kit parts get more difficult. Please be honest with yourself and what you play, because not only do you have to play it right it has to be metronomically right, that is very trick for when putting it together, so pick a kit part that is slightly easier than what you can do.

I know that some of you are away from your drum kits or do not have access to drum kits so there are other parts that can be played on other things.

The parts to look at that are not on kit are below with alternative way to play them


  • Agogo bells - these can be played on two cowbells or any two items with different tones 
  • Cowbell - any bell sound, bell of a cymbal
  • Woodblock - any wood sound, rim of a drum, or clapping
  • Triangle - high pitched bell sound, tip of a stick on a cymbal bell
  • Cymbals
  • Bongos - toms


Amy (I hope you have your xylophone still) can you look at the marimba part and I will be doubling up on the vibraphone part.

Do not worry about the Tubular bells, I forgot to take that out, (plus no one owns them)

Make sure that you look through the parts and have figured out what you will be playing and then regularly look though the part while playing the backing track on YouTube, we will only get a couple of rehearsals on this so I need you all to be very prepared when we go into these rehearsals.

Thank you and I hope you all stay safe

See you next week


backing track.