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Dudley Skyline

Dudley Town Hall Technical Information

Sound Equipment/Systems

Performance System

  • Control: The current system was installed in 1997 and is of high quality, it is somewhere in the region on 4K, but as the venue has a very lively acoustic it equates to around 6 to 8K in a less lively space. Usually very little power is required. 
  • Speakers: Sound craft K2 24:8:2, Auditorium - EAW JF260, EAW JF200, EAW Sub-bass, RCF Monitor 4 and Monitor 8
    Foldback - EV Sx200 (4, With individual sends if required)
  • Amplification: Media Matrix control/processing
    Yamaha SPX990 effects
    Yamaha Q2031B graphics (foldback)
  • Ancillary Sound: Cassette decks (3)
  • Equipment: Compact Disk player(1), Mini Disk Player (1)Microphones - Shure SM58, SM57, 565. AKG SE300/91 or 93, D112, Shure or Sennheiser handheld and TOA Lavalier radio microphones (with advance notice) 


Headset Communications: Canford Audio Tecpro dual circuit system comprising

Head sets and beltpacks 7 , speaker station 6 (there are 20 operating locations around the building)

Show Relay: There is a show relay system to all parts of the building

Paging: There is a paging system to most parts of the building; this can be done either from the rear of the main hall or the control room.

Voice Evacuation System: There is an automatic voice evacuation system installed in the building, this is linked to the fire alarm system.


Systems for the Hearing Impaired

There is a Sennheiser Infra-red system installed in the main auditorium for the hearing impaired, we have 10 of each of the neck-loop receivers and stetoclip receivers that are available for loan by patrons.
In addition there is an induction loops installed in the smaller function room.

Stage Lighting

The basic rig is usually left with a three-colour was and uncrossed white light for orchestral concerts. (there is minimal patching available)

  • Power Supply: 2 x 3 Phase 100 amps per phase
  • Dimmers: 1 Strand Permus (24 @ 2.5Kw circuits)
    2 Strand Act 6 (6 @ 2.5Kw circuits)
    1 Strand Mini II (6 @ 2 Kw circuits)
  • Control: Strand MX48 (It is possible to operate this from a number of positions in the auditorium, but is normally located in the control room at the rear of the balcony) Harmony F (10)
    Harmony PC (4)
    Harmony 15/28 (2)
    Harmony 22/40 (2)
    Cantata PC (6)
  • Lanterns (All lanterns except PAR 64 are from the Strand range. Most are permanently rigged): Patt 743 (6)
    PAR 64 (22)
    Shortnose PAR 64 (8)
    Prelude 15/30 (2)
    Patt 123 (4)
    Patt 23 (6)
    Patt 123 (1)
  • Followspots: Solo CID Followspots (2)
  • Note: Plus a small quantity of assorted stands and 15amp extension leads

Additional Power Supplies Available

Note – all power supplies have 30mA RCD protection

There is an additional power supply available. This is located in the corridor behind the stage (stage right approximately 3 metres from the stage). It is 3 phase 60amps per phase and is fitted with CEE Form socket outlets as follows.

3 phase (one of each) - 125 amp, 63 amp, 32 amp and 16 amp
Single phase - 63 amp, 32 amp and 16 amp.

There are also 2 @ 32amp single-phase supplies, (downstage, one either side of the stage) fitted with CEE Form 32amp outlets, and 1 @ 16 amp single phase which can be provided at the FOH desk position, these are clean supplies and are used for sound equipment only, all 3 are fed from the same distribution board as our sound system.

Stage Facilities

The stage is an open tiered concert stage, all the tiers are curved, the first two tiers are removable or height adjustable (by arrangement) to give an increase in depth.The stage width is 11.12m (36ft) and with the tiers in place is 3.65m (12ft) deep at the centre and 2.74m (9ft) deep at the sides. The stage is 1.2m (4ft) high.

  • Dimensions: Each tier is 0.9m (3ft) deep and all except the first are 0.38m (15inches) high, the first being 0.55m (22inches).
    2 tiers together usually give enough depth for a drum kit etc. We also have 6 stage extensions that increase the depth of the stage by 2.43 m (8ft).
    If your event involves dance it is not recommended that these units are used to increase the stage depth, as we cannot securely fasten these to the fixed stage.
  • Drapes/Masking: There is no proscenium arch or drapes except a pair of red velour tabs against the back wall, these cover a mural if this is not required or appropriate.
  • Flying Facilities: There are no flying facilities available, however it amy be possible to erect a support for a single backdrop.
  • Special Effects: We require as much as notice as possible if you intend to use smoke, pyrotechnics or strobe lighting to enable us to get the relevant permission(s) for their use. With smoke we will require to know the make and model of machine and duration of use, with pyro the make of system and effect(s) to be used.

Additional Information

  • Get-in: We possess a get-in ramp that will bridge the steps at the side of the bar to the back of a truck this then gives level access from a truck to the auditorium. Alternatively a truck could be unloaded from the the road at the front of the building and the disabled (slightly ramped) entrance used.
  • If a sound system is to be brought in then the minimum multicore length required is 40 metres. Our normal approved FOH operating position is at the back of the front stalls. (We have the necessary hooks and stands etc to fly the cables from this position to the stage)
  • Multicore length required: NOTE: There are members of the audience behind this position therefore the height of equipment racks etc. must be kept down so that their sight lines are not hindered.
    We will require a feed from your system to feed our balcony delays, infrared system etc. if our full system is not being used.
  • House Lights: All the house lights can be dimmed from either the rear of the auditorium or the control room.