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dudley metropolitan borough council header logo the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Technical Information at Stourbridge Town Hall

Performance System


  • Allan and Health GL2200 24:4:2
  • Logic Syatems
  • 1 Pair LS15 (main)
  • 1 Pair LS12 (balcony delays)


  • 1 Pair IS7 (stalls delay)
  • 3 IS6 (front stalls infill)
  • 1 Pair 15 (sub bass)
  • 1 Pair CM12 (foldback)


  • Work SP2800, SP1600 and SP950
  • BSS Sound Web (delays & processing)
  • BSS FCS 966 dual graphics (2)
  • Phonic DFX256 effects


  • Tascam MD350 mini disc player


  • Tascam CD160 Compact Disc Player
  • Denon CD player
  • Microphones - Shure SM58 (5), Shure BG 2.1 (1) AKG C451/CK8 (6), Sennheiser hand held radio microphone, (2) lapel or headset (1) EMO D.I, boxes (2)


  • There is a custom built paging system to a number of zones, this can be done from the box office (located off the main foyer), the control room and the stage managers desk (limited call zones from this location)


Headset Communications

  • Canford tecpro system with packs located at lighting, sound, Flys, SL, SR and follow spot positions


  • Canford techpro headsets 5 singles 2 doubles

Show Relay

  • Custom built Areac System to the dressing rooms props area (stage right) and foyer, qith a paging facility from the control room and the stage managers desk (stage left)

Stage Lighting

Power Supply

  • 3 Phase 100 amps per phase


  • 2 strand Permus 24 (24@ 2.5 Kw per circuit)
  • Zero88 Jester down stage left which can be used for focusing or running the show from side of stage
  • Harmony 15/28 (18)
  • Harmony F (24)
  • PAR 64 (10)

Lanterns (These are all rigged)

  • Coda 3 (8)
  • Solo CSI followspots (1) Note - A Pair of followspots can be provided upon advanced request

Additional Power Supplies Available

There is a 3 phase 125amp per phase supply available stage left; this is fitted with a CEE Form 125amp socket outlet. In addition there is a single phase 32amp supply available under the stage for additional sound equipment, this is also fitted with a CEE Form single phase 32amp socket outlet. These supplies are in addition to the ring main available on stage.

Note - All Power supplies are protected by 30mA RCD protection.

Stage Facilities

The stage is raked and surfaced with boarding sheets, the stage floor is painted black.


  • Proscenium opening - 9.14m x 4.88m
  • Maximum stage depth - 9.14
  • Stage Height - 1.18m
  • Grid Height - 9.14m
  • Wings maximum - 0.9m
  • Stage width (minus wings) = 8.40m


  • The house tabs legs and border are wine red in color, the house tabs are electrically operated from stage left, there are a pair of black tabs upstage with an off white cyclorama just behind the black tabs. Both pairs of tabs are hand operated, (stge left). There are 4 black borders and 4 pairs of black legs which make up the remaining masking.

Flying Facilities

  • There is ahemp flying from a gallery stage left, there are a total of 16 hemp sets in place each with a maximum safe working load of 150Kg however 11 of these are used to fly the ablove legs, borders, cyclorama etc. There is a total grid safe working load of 1 Ton (1.02 Tonnes), the existing bars and lanterns account for approximately 480Kg, (this excludes the weight of the drapes which are hanging)


Audio Visual Equipment


  • Kodak slide projectors (2)
  • Bell and Howell overhead projector (1)
  • 4000 lumen Data Projector which can be flown on lighting bar one projecting onto the white cyc


  • 6ft square (2)