Leisure centre re-opening dates and information

Following government guidance and the latest industry standards it has been necessary to review our procedures, activities and session times.

Information on some of our web pages is under review and may not be current.

Up-to-date information, guidance, session times and FAQs are now available


Advice and Information

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How long can I use the gym for?

Gym sessions are all pre-bookable online for members or over the phone for non-members. Sessions are 90 minutes long. The gym is closed for a 30-minute clean down between sessions. Every day, the gym will close for 2 hours for a deep clean.

When will the fitness class timetable increase?

The council will follow the government guidelines. At present we can only offer low intensity classes that use minimal equipment. As the guidelines change our fitness class timetable will reflect this.

Do I have to bring my own mat to exercise classes?

You will need to bring your own exercise mats for all classes at Dudley and Halesowen lesiure centres. At Crystal Leisure Centre you will need to bring mats for yoga, BODYBALANCE and bodyworkout. Wipe-able mats are provided in other classes.

Can I bring a towel and is there access to a water dispenser in the gym?

Yes, a towel only to wipe personal perspiration and not the equipment. Unfortunately, water coolers will not be in use, so you will need to bring your own drink in a suitable container.