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Temporary exhibition: Amalric Walter Glass

  • Pate de Verre Amalric Walter Lizard on a leaf
  • Pate de Verre Amalric Walter chameleon
  • Pate de Verre Amalric Walter Fox Bookends

Amalric Walter was one of the pioneers of the pâte de verre technique, in which objects are formed from crushed glass placed in a mould and fired in a kiln. 

Born in Nancy in 1870, he developed his interest in pâte de verre whilst working for the Daum glass works in the early years of the 20th century. After the First World War, Walter set up his own studio in Nancy and continued to work in pâte de verre until the late 1930s - when changing fashions and falling sales forced his studio to close.

The collection ranges from Art Nouveau style lizards and chameleons to Art Deco night lights in the form of stylised birds and fish. There was a menagerie of exotic creatures in between including beetles, moths, crabs and frogs.

Walter left Nancy in advance of the German invasion in 1940, staying with a relative until 1945 when he returned to his studio in the Rue Claudot. He continued to live here, without working, experiencing a life of increasing inactivity and poverty. He left Nancy in 1954 to live near a childhood friend; he went blind in 1955 and died 9 November 1959.