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Mini-motorbikes in the Parks

Mini-motorbikes, such as mini-motos, quad bikes, and petrol driven scooters such as "go-peds" are now very popular. There are very few places where it is legal to ride a mini-moto, quad bike or petrol driven scooter, and the following restrictions apply:

  • They cannot be ridden on the road unless the vehicle is licensed, taxed, and insured. The rider must be over 16 years old and wearing a safety helmet
  • They cannot be ridden on footpaths, cycle paths, pavements or bridleways under any circumstances
  • They cannot be ridden in parks, car parks, woods or common open spaces
  • They can be ridden on private land, but only if the landowner has given you permission to do so.

Please note that Dudley Council does not allow the use of motorbikes on any of its parks and open spaces.

Action that can be taken against you

If you are riding your bike illegally or in an anti-social behaviour manner:

  • Police and the Council's Environmental Health Officers can issue a warning to you to stop riding the bike.
  • Your bike can be taken away. You would have to pay a fee to get it back
  • Court action could be taken against you (or the owner). You could be fined up to £1,000
  • You could receive points on your driving licence, or be banned from driving.

Are you affected?

Many calls have been received from people concerned about the risk of injury to pedestrians and riders, the noise and the potential damage to parked vehicles.

If you are affected as a result of problems caused by mini-bikes and similar vehicles, you should report the incident to the police with as much detail as possible, such as where and when the problems are occurring so further investigation can be made.

To report an incident which is in the process of taking place you should always ring the police on 999.