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Parks Watch - Working with the Community

Parks Development aims to ensure that all our parks remain a safe and friendly place, so everyone can enjoy the range of events and activities that take place throughout the year.

Park Watch is an initiative by which the general public can report any issues that affect their local park, for example, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Park Watch incident forms are available from Friends of Parks groups or Park staff at the following parks:

Incidents on a variety of issues should be reported such as safety issues, broken benches, offensive graffiti, criminal damage, vandalism to playgrounds, minor nuisance issues, etc.

Criminal Activity

Incidents involving criminal activity (abuse, threatening behaviour, weapons, drugs, assault, theft or vandalism etc) MUST be reported as soon as possible to the police. If the danger is imminent or actual, use "999" or report directly to the local police on 101.

Incident Forms

If you require further information or an incident form/s for any of the parks above please contact:

West Midlands Police