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Crystal Leisure Centre - Swimming Terms and Conditions


All payments must be made in advance for the term’s swimming lessons.

Failure to re-enrol your child may result in the loss of their place on the next term’s swimming lessons. While every effort will then be made to ensure your child can carry on with lessons he/she may have to be placed on the waiting list to await another suitable space.

Payments per term will vary depending on the length of the school term.

There is no entitlement to any refunds or credits for lessons not attended.

Any lessons refunded will incur an admin charge of £10.00.

Please be aware that in order to move up a class, your child may be required to move to a different time/day/teacher.


Badges will be taken at the teacher’s discretion and can be purchased from reception. Your child will be handed a slip of paper when he/she has reached the acquired standard for the level of badge awarded. Please take the slip of paper to reception to be able to purchase the relevant badge.

Safety regulations

Changing Rooms – If accompanying a child under the age of 8 into a changing room the correct changing room appropriate to the gender of the parent MUST be used.

All children over the age of 8 must use the changing rooms appropriate to their own gender.

Remove all jewellery from swimmers prior to their lesson commencing and hair to be tied back or a cap worn for the lesson.

The fire alarm is a continuous alarm noise. If it activates during the lesson please do not come onto poolside to fetch your child. The pupils will exit the pool under the control of the teachers and centre staff and line up at the emergency exits. Parents are required to exit via the nearest emergency exit. Do not enter the changing rooms or try to collect your child.

Poolside Etiquette

Parents may watch their child during Parent Watch Week which occurs each term. (The date of which will be on the Swimming Lesson Info leaflet).

During this week parents can enter onto the poolside to watch their child’s progression during their lesson.

Children are NOT allowed to run around the poolside and must be still and quiet while waiting for the lesson to start.

Children who display disruptive tendencies in the lessons can greatly affect the other children and may be asked to leave as:-

  • It distracts other children from listening & learning

  • It is dangerous for themselves and for others

  • Rudeness and bad language will not be tolerated.

If a child continues to be disruptive, even after the teacher has pointed out that their behaviour is not acceptable, the child will be removed from the lesson and will not be allowed to return unless the parent can guarantee their behaviour. In these instances no refund of monies paid will be given.

If you have a problem with the lessons please telephone and ask to speak to the Swimming Administrators Becky Hodt or Katie Summerfield. They are not always in the centre but if you leave a message one of them will contact you when they are next in.


We recommend that all swimmers shower before their lesson. Please ensure that all hair gel/body lotions etc are removed. This will help to keep the water clean. Make sure your child uses the toilet before the lesson commences. Please ensure your child showers after the lesson.

Please remember that outside shoes are not allowed on poolside.

Swimming Levels

The centre follows the Amateur Swimming Association National Teaching Plan and works through all the differing levels from Non swimmers or Beginners to Level 9 Pre-competition Development. There can be a progression to local Swimming Clubs e.g Stourbridge Swimming Club.

General Information

Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes. Please ensure that all property is locked in a locker and not left in the changing room or poolside. Dudley MBC is not responsible for items lost or damaged.

Please enter to the 25m pool lessons via the separate male/female group changing rooms. Exit from the pool is via the corridor between the 25m pool & leisure pool. We would respectfully ask that parents arrive in time to collect their child from their lessons

Child Protection

In order to comply with Dudley MBC’s Child Protection Policy, which lays out the guidelines for people working in Sport within Dudley MBC and to protect the people who visit the Centre, the following applies:

  • NO photographs, still or video may be taken of children in the building

  • Please switch off all mobile phones whilst on the premises due to the advent of picture/video phones